Contest: First To Paint Their RX1 Logos

Started Jan 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
Richard Spangler Contributing Member • Posts: 913
Re: Contest: First To Paint Their RX1 Logos


teseg wrote:

I can't get it out of my head about painting my Sony and RX1 logos to make a discrete camera even more discrete. I think it was Moti, on another thread, who suggested model paint can do a very professional job. In my youth I used to build model airplanes so would feel comfortable using a precision brush and model paint to accomplish this feat.


  • Flat black Sony Logo
  • Gloss red/orange RX1 logo to match FF ring - or maybe flat black as well

...and then I think again and think,,,, "stupid". I probably need a few beers in me first.

Anyway, the winner is the first to post a picture of their permanently altered RX1 logos (no photoshopping allowed! - been there, done that).

Has anyone considered? What are the ideal logo colors (besides white)?

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