Minolta mild green

Started Nov 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
Renato1 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,327
Have you cleaned them?

I don't know about the colour - because I'm partly colour blind - but have you cleaned the lenses and/or any filters that are attached?

I ask because I bought a second hand Minolta 200mm G lens that I wasn't too happy with - something in the image wasn't quite right some of the time - when light was shining from the side. The front filter looked to have never been taken off. Eventually, I took it off and cleaned a very fine (almost invisible) film of something off the inside of the filter, and then the lens worked fine.
For cleaning I always use a blower first, then pieces of photographic cleaning paper and lens cleaning fluid that I bought to clean my telescope optics - and I do it very gently till near the end. I've noticed that with some of those fluids, unless taken off entirely at the end by rubbing a bit harder (with a new clean sheet of photo cleaning paper), they can leave a very fine film to.

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