When to NOT to use Lightroom?

Started Jan 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
Bob Radlinski Regular Member • Posts: 190
OP was clear to me

I understood what your wanted from your original post, maybe because I have a similar approach to photography and editing.  I have CS5 along with LR4 on my desktop and recently added Elements 11 to my travel laptop that already has LR4.  I tried out the trial version of Elements before buying by replicating the types of edits I typically use CS5 for (less than 5% like many others).  I found that Elements did almost everything I did in CS5 and did it just as well.  Someone else mentioned the refine edge tool in CS.  Elements has this tool as well and it appears to be the same as in CS5.  I use it for sky replacement in shots with trees and Elements does just as well as CS5.  Based on your first posting, I think you probably won't get a very good return on  an investment in CS6.

Another suggestion is to look at the numerous CS tutorials and if you find that you are wishing you could do what's being done in the tuts, then consider spending the money on CS6.  Or better yet, download the  free trial version and try out the techniques first.


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