DP3 Merrill leaked

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Re: Amusing ... BUT NOT convincing

MrBlissfly wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

Paul CampbellCastle wrote:

This is very good news. I'm just about to order a DP2M to accompany my DP1s and will add a DP3M as soon as available here. 75mm works as a good walkaround length for me and I have no problem at all with shooting portraits 3:2.

Again actions speak louder than words . if someone is attentive , one cannot help noticing that BOTH people on this thread who told me "I have no problem shooting verticals in the 3;2 ratio " have in their galleries , wait ZERO vertical image

as I said , you are probably photogs who barely shoot verticals and in this case it is probably a non issue but I ll wait to see someone 's galleries with lots of vertical portraits in that ratio to be convinced

something tells me that I am not going to be overwhelmed by examples to that effect

Try these, but then again they are not "most people"

you are COMPLETELY missing my point. actually making it further . I NEVER wrote that some photographers  do not PREFER the 3;2 ratio . I am saying that :

1/ the camera ratio is an underrated criteria in the choice of a camera  . that being said , there is NO doubt that for a " niche" manutacturer like SIGMA , limiting its raw shooting to the only 3;2 ratio is another minus factor to narrow the field of potential customers

2/ People on these forums who  claim they like vertical images in the 3;2 ratio , and chiefly portraits do not have many .. if any

let s not twist what I said . these are my 2 main comments on this specific point


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