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kevkelsar wrote:

Hmm, the PM2 is about double the price of the G3. Does it offer that much more to be worth double the price?

thanks for the input and suggestions so far. I'm pretty set on the PL 25mm f/1.4 lens, so that does take up most of my budget, which I would put around $800. The wife is already dreading any mention of a new camera, so keeping the shock down is preferable.

G3 uses 2nd generation µ4/3 sensors and E-PM2 uses the 3rd generation sensor. Olympus never used the 2nd generation sensors, and thus Olympus users see the improvement as a huge leap (I believe the difference is large, though). Anyway, camera is more than just the sensor. G3 offers great manual controls, EVF and fully-articulated screen, and therefore G3 and E-PM2 are very different cameras. If you are used to Panasonic interface, you'll find G3 pleasant to use from the beginning. Of course you would get used to use the E-PM2, too, but the lack of external controls + Olympus menu system can be very frustrating. I have Panasonic GH1 and Olympus E-PM1. The E-PM1 serves great as a second camera, but for any serious business I always take the GH1.

You might want to consider getting Olympus 45mm and Panasonic 14mm (from eBay) later on, they are both real bargains.

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