Second try Nex5N pictures in movement.

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Re: Second try Nex5N pictures in movement.

It doesn't seem to be working.  I took a look at the first one.  It is quite good, especially considering that it was a first attempt.  In addition to the suggestion someone else made about uploading it in 1080p (or at least 720p). I have a few suggestions:

1. Make sure that you are not using downscaled pictures, especially if you are using the Ken Burns effect.  The Ken Burn effect results in decreasing the viewable resolution of the pictures, so you want to make sure that what is being viewed at any given moment is at least as high as the video resolution. (I can't tell whether or not that is an issue with your video.)

2.  I would reduce the speed and motion of the Ken Burns effect.  It should create interest without calling so much attention to itself.

3.  I would try to cull out duplicative pictures and make the video shorter.  (I'm sometimes guilty of not taking my own advice on this point.)

4.  Try to tell a story.  It makes the slide shows more interesting.


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