Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: D800 obviously outclasses the E-M5 is several ways

i've got 2 little kids and often carry one of them, a diaper bag, and a camera (G3). camera and lens size is a big deal, especially if you're carrying extra lenses.

of course the D800 is a wonderfully capable camera, but you won't have it with you as much because of its size and you will inevitably end up relying on something smaller while it sits at home.  also, as someone has already pointed out, you need great glass and the right conditions to take advantage of the 36MP.  A D600 might be better.

you already got 2 D800's and returned them.  why not just try out the OMD -- you can return it if its not to your liking.  Get the PL 25 (killer for kid portraits in context - it lives on my camera, and you'll get the added benefit of 5 axis ibis) and something else like a zoom or the Oly 45.

have fun!

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