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Re: Interesting Article drawing Eternal Optimists to 1022

A really refreshing post Dave. Somehow when something new comes along, there are always those that feel everything else is passé, outdated and gone within a year or two. You simply cannot argue against that kind of spirit. Dslr cameras, be it Canon, Nikon or Pentax, are not going away. The latest fancy is that because Nikon and Canon have both released an affordable FF Dslr, Apsc will be dead and gone within two years. The irritation factor that comes along with reading loads of nonsense off this kind all the time, is fed by the fact that Olympus is in a precarious situation. Apsc has evolved to a level, where there's simply little sense in releasing new models at a high pace. Sony's more than two years old state of the art 16mp Apsc sensor was a tremendous breakthrough a few years ago, and it is still debated whether the latest 24mp Sony Apsc sensor equals the IQ of the older 16mp sensor. Pentax got a staggering 14.1 EV of DR out of that 16mp sensor, and better sensors where the main reason for releasing new cameras: better DR, better high iso, better overall noise control. With the advent of an affordable FF sensor, what would be more likely to add FF Dslr cameras at a low(er) price level to the stable? That doesn't mean Dslr cameras, with their still considerably lower price level, smaller lenses, smaller size and lower weight, are dead and gone in two years.

The issue with Olympus is not their innovation. The issue is the nature of the transition they forced and still force on those who invested in 4/3. People could have even lived with their concept of pausing 4/3 development in favor off the mirrorless revolution, if only they had kept up the necessary support and communication. New evolutions happen by giving people new choices, not by taking away those choices. Even if, íf mirrorless, with EVF and smaller form factor, is eventually really going to take over the world, it's going to take a much longer time than people seem to think before Dslr is extinct. How do people picture those with the 250 and 300 zuiko lenses that cost them many thousands of dollars or euros, taking an OM-D type camera on excursion out of free will, when there's Canon Nikon and Pentax to switch to? It's up to Olympus if they want them to stay.


dave gaines wrote:

I'm not sure where to put this conversation? Entertaining as it may be for many of you to speculate on a new m4/3 camera, it doesn't have much value here on Olympus DSLR Talk. I don't hear lot of love here for Olympus 4/3 DSLR. I hear the grumblings of Eternal Pessimists about the future of DSLRs.

An upgrade to the E-5 with some improvements in AF and a new sensor with wider DR and higher ISO capabilities would be very competitive in the DSLR market. Olympus has the advantage in lens IQ, lens speed and telephoto lens size.

If the cheapest mmf2 adapter costs $160 then how much would a mmf adapter that provides a flipping mirror or translucent mirror and PDAF and C-AF cost? Picture an adapter that works like the Olympus E-330. Who knows what a mirror and the 11 point autofocus sensor costs? If a new adapter cost $360 then the price of the current OM-D EM-5, a grip and the new adapter would be $1660. That's too close to the cost of the E-5, a new E-7 or any APS camera that offers weather sealing. A device like this sounds cumbersome, expensive and over-engineered when that's already available in a DSLR. It might be appealing for someone who already has the OMD but not to a newbie looking to upgrade from a P&S or switch from a DSLR to a MILC.

There's no reason to make a larger OM-D just to offer better balance and grip with a SHG lens. The advantage of the Pen and OM-D lines has always been promoted as the small, inconspicuous, carry-it-everywhere cameras. Remember Olympus launched the Pen line with Kevin Spacey dropping it into his coat pocket. If I wanted a large camera I'd buy a DSLR Pro body with all the advantages of ergonomcis, large quick access buttons, AF features and an OVF.

It would be a mistake to offer another OMD that would compete with the EM-5 while it's still a top seller. Maybe in 2 to 3 years from now?

I could see Olympus offering a new grip that attaches to a HG or SHG lens like a lens collar. The basic shutter and camera controls of a Pen or OM-D could be pushed to the center of the lens where better balance would be achieved. It could be an integral part of this new mmf adapter that m4/3 owners are dreaming about.

The GH-3 looks great for video but there is no IBIS possible with it. It's best use is with Panasonic lenses. And BTW, Panasonic has no plans to develop a m4/3 to 4/3 lens adapter.

A new Olympus DSLR doesn't need to compete with entry level APS cameras. Only with APS cameras that offer weather proofing, a rugged mag-alloy body and the available constant f/2.8 lenses which are probably equivalent to Olympus HG and SHG lenses. Olympus is still a good value compared to the equivalent camera system in APS, . Compared to full frame and the lenses required to get the most out of that FF sensor, Olympus is a bargain. Especially in longer focal lengths.

I don't see any signs of Canon and Nikon abandoning their APS cameras and compatible lenses. They've slowed down in their release of new Rebels and D7000s but they do have new APS cameras in 2012. They've been hurt by the same global economic downturn and natural disasters that all Asian manufacturers have faced. The SE Asia monsoons that hit soon after Japan's 2011 tsunami affected Nikon more than Olympus. CaNikon isn't abandoning FF DSLRs either. They have a lot invested in the Pro DSLR lines and more now with the newer entry level FF DSLRs. What would they do with that 600 mm f/4 birding lens if they went to a shorter flange distance?

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