LX7 Setup Guide and Tips and Tricks Video

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Re: LX7 Setup Guide and Tips and Tricks Video

mpgxsvcd wrote: Yes because of the minimum shutter speed setting you can use these settings indoors or outdoors.

Outside it will increase the shutter speed to match the lighting. And if you use the ND filter setting that I mentioned in the video it will automatically optimize the lens aperture to get the highest sharpness. That feature works brilliantly(Pun intended).

Thanks for taking the time to do this.  I do have a question, though, about using P mode.  I never use it because I'm never sure how the camera decides on aperture and shutter speed. I take it that you think setting minimum shutter speed fixes this problem, that the camera will if it can drive the shutter speed to the minimum if need be to approach the aperture of ideal sharpness.  Is that right?  Do we know what that aperture is, and if so, would we get the same result by using A mode and selecting that aperture along with a minimum shutter speed and then letting the camera adjust ISO accordingly?  Finally, speaking of ISO, you say in your video that selecting an ISO max of 3200 speeds the shutter as compared to setting ISO to Auto. But that strikes me as strange in that in Auto the camera should feel free to reach 3200, or higher, on its own.  So why does imposing any max speed the shutter selected?  Thanks again.

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