Somebody please explain! Why X-E1 JPEGS are darker?

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Re: Somebody please explain! Why X-E1 JPEGS are darker?

Charlesn wrote:

hellocrowley wrote:

I'm amazed that people keep bringing it up auto-metering. OP had both cameras on manual with the exact same settings!

Maybe I missed it, which is possible, but where in this thread did the OP indicate that he had both cameras set on manual? If he had set both cameras at 400 ISO, it's possible that both cameras could have metered the scene with the same settings. And, if he did use full manual, how did he determine the exposure settings that he used?

Also, as another poster has pointed out, the results we're seeing here also reflect the differences in how Canon vs. Fuji process jpegs in-camera.

Hi Charlesn, thanks for your valuable inputs as well!


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