Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

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Re: Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

Hi !

I have not looked through all the answers to your post, since there are too many...

But,  why do soo many people belive that doing a deep cleaning prosess, will fix the clogs? well, because the manual, and the service guys says so.

- If the clogs are getting worse after a nozzle cleaning, the problem is something else.

- turn off automatic nozzlecheck when you turn on the printer. Do a manual nozzlecheck before you start a printjob. then you can also monitor how much ink you have used on each job.

-have you ever cleaned the cleaningstation inside your printer?   This is where the problems usually starts. Search for a service manual. and stay away from the buttons that fills up your maintenancetank.  You have much more fun with your ink on papers and canvas.

Hope it helps.  


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