So - whats your take on DP3 M ?

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I don't get it

Unlike with wider lenses, SD1M is just as good as DPM with lenses starting from 35mm. What’s really the advantage of DM3M over SD1M + 50/2.8 (let alone the 50/1.4)? Smaller, of course, and less AF misses, perhaps. Other than that? I don’t get it.

I’ve just received my DP2M. A gem of a camera fore sure, but can certainly use some grip and a good built-in VF. (If compactness really matters that much, give it a pop-up OVF then). A high end camera with no VF? I just don’t get it.

With 3 DPM’s, it makes a system. But now you end up having to have three sets of body, displays, processors, memories and batteries. You even want 3 SD cards. If they really mean to develop a whole system, one full featured body plus 3 sensor/lens modules makes a lot more sense. I really don’t get it.

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