SunPak 6000PG tripod

Started Jan 8, 2013 | Questions thread
Leswick Veteran Member • Posts: 3,102
Re: SunPak 6000PG tripod doesn't cut it

I'd return it asap (while still new), since you'll never going to get the cash back (or the value).  Try getting something that's really solid, particularly if you expect to use 200mm or longer.  The ones w/o the middle column are the best....and usually they are quite costly.  Though I have to admit that I want to make sure it can handle the 4x5 camera that I occasionally use.  I stayed away from getting a tripod for many yrs....mostly doing handheld, monopod or a beanbag, but when I bought was one w/o the column...and never looked back.  That does not mean that you need $1200 Gitzo.

By the way, I see tons and tons of tripods on Craigslist going for $15, 20, 40.  They were never any good from day one, but people bought them because they were inexpensive.  After sitting out in the basement or in closets for X-amount of years, they try to sell them...and no one wants them.  Good luck.


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