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Guidenet wrote:

MikeSE25 wrote:

I have had many types of cameras from lower/mid level compacts to entry level dslr (which I found way too heavy to carry round all day).

I understand Mike. When you're retiring, everything gets so heavy. You have to be able to trudge around with something so heavy like a plastic entry level DSLR. Wow. That could wear you right out.

The question is whether you want to get the best possible results, or whether you want to enjoy life. As a professional photographer it's OK to carry a backpack full of glass - that's what you get paid for. But for hobby photographers, this in most cases is overkill.

"The best camera is the one that you have with you" is more valid than ever, because for most cases mirrorless cameras provide more than good enough image quality and also very good functionality and manual controls. Also you will have a smaller/lighter the camera with you more often, you'll use it more, you'll get more trained for photography and thus in the end you get better pictures.

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