Owning both FF DSLR and Mirrorless - the future?

Started Jan 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Makes Sense to be a DUAL (mirrorless + DSLR) shooter, but FF not necessary

I have many friends who are dual shooter. They tend to be Small Micro43 (travel / landscape) + Big Fullframe (portrait sports). Micro 43's smaller sensor = Larger Depth of Field and is an unique advantage for landscape shoot. Likewise, FF's larger sensor = Shallow Depth of Field and provide superior subject isolation. I think m43 + FF is the ideal solution when money isn't an object.

However, I just can't justify spending over $3000+ on any FF body yet!

As I'm NOT a professional photographer, I'm a photo enthusiast and I shooting for FUN. I tend to use mirrorless for everything, and only force to rely on my canon dslr when I'm shooting sports (which happen rarely)

Where dual system makes sense for common people like me are:

- buy Mirrorless (m43, NEX, NX) for general / landscape photography

- buy a cheap APS-C DSLR (nikon d3200/ canon t3i) for SPORTS / Action photography

APS-C DSLR are cheap and offer superior AF Continuous Tracking for sports / action shoot. Plus, DSLR telephoto lens tend to be cheaper and faster.

That is my 0.02 cents

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