Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: Why carrt a D800 when you can carry the OMD

number_6 wrote:

bunfoolio wrote:

I have a 10 moth old and could not imagine carrying much bigger then a OMD. Babies have a lot of stuff and my E-pl2 does very well as a family camera.

Just my 2 cents. If you need the performance of a DSLR then go with it.

Good Luck.

I agree with this sentiment. Diaper bag + huge DSLR camera bag = too much. In fact, it was the extra diaper bag we had to cart with us on Thanksgiving that was the last straw for my old Canon DSLR.

That having been said, if you have the means to get a D800, get it. It and its lenses will hold their value quite well (assuming you also invest in good glass - and getting a D800 w/o good glass is silly). Either you'll get it and love it, end of story... or you'll get it out of your system and trade it for a smaller system in the future (with money to spare). But, IMHO, you'll regret not getting that masterful piece of machinery when you had the chance.

You'll love whichever camera you get.


That last point is pretty important...the D800 and good Nikon glass hold their value very well!

I just bought my D800 as a refurb from Adorama for $2300, which is about what they are going for used.    It does NOT have the left AF issue (I went through 3 of them last year and they all did to some degree).    I was exclusively OMD for a while, but got back into the D800 for doing kids sports and another project.

The D600 is also a great option, maybe even better for you since it's much lighter and still very capable of great images, essentially similar to the D800 in 90% of the cases.    Too bas the extreme sale is over where you could get the D600 and 24-85 for $2k,  under what an OMD + 12-35 would cost.

Buying on the used market (like Fred Miranda and mu-43) is a great option as well so you don't lose your shirt, although I'd be cautious buying a used D800 if you're concerned about left AF issue.    That's why I went with the refurb, where I could return it if not happy.

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