Winter in northern Sweden - NEX-6 @ 16-50mm kit

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Re: Winter in northern Sweden - NEX-6 @ 16-50mm kit

Joachim Gerstl wrote:

Beautiful. I would love to have such a winter. Lulea?

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Almost, UmeƄ is the place

Clem Nichols wrote:

Very nice images! Am I correct in assuming that you're satisfied with your NEX 6 and 16-50?

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I'm quite happy with the camera and kit lens. I upgraded from the NEX-5N to NEX-6 mostly because of the EVF and i'm happy I did. I don't use the EVF all the time but sometimes it's very nice to have. I wear glasses and don't use the rubber ring around the EVF and it works like a charm. To add the external EVF to 5N makes no sense (now), it's very expensive and also makes the whole camera alot bigger. For me, the whole idea with NEX-series is to have a more pocketable alternative that still performs great (maybe not for sport/action but otherwise).

Regarding the kit lens I guess it already have been debated in here to eternity. It performs alright, pretty much the same as the 18-55 kit except maybe at the very wide end where it has some more barrel dist and vignetting. But seriously, it doeen't bother me too much. It's very pocketable and as a casual outdoor walk around lens that is very nice. I will get the 35/1.8 once it's avaliable here for indoor use (just sold my 50/1.8 because I found it a bit to narrow for indoor use) which i'm sure I will enjoy.

To be honest, I haven't tried the cameras w kit lens very much since the weather here have been very very dull and booring the last couple of months and the sun is up for like 3 hours a day here this time of year. I will catch up once it gets better!

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