New D800 vs used D3x ... Hmmmm.

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New D800 vs used D3x ... Hmmmm.

In March, a useful windfall will be seeing me  buying my first new kit in a few years.  I sold my D3S a little while ago, and retained my D700.  In March, I will be replacing the D3s with a D4 - that's decided.  I had planned to pick up a D800 as well, giving me D4 and D700 for weddings and D800 for studio work. (I know there's overlap on these applications, and thats fine)

However, tonight I have been offered a used D3X, from someone I trust, as its hardly used and he hasn't used it at all in 6 months. It's done a total of 24k activations, and is in perfect condition.

My dilemma is that I was comfortable in the choice of a new D800, despite the cost (call it £2350 by the time I've purchased a grip and a spare battery etc)

The D3x has been offered to me for £2000, so is marginally cheaper, even if I buy a new battery.

Close enough though, that it rules out 'cost' as being a factor in the choice between the two.

I'm interested then, in anyones sensible input to this, ideally anyone who has both cameras - I totally understand the paper differences, but real-world is where the interest lies.

My own feelings are - The extra low-light sensitivity of the D800 would normally make it my preference - I rate that higher than the pixel count advantage.  Video doesn't interest me, so thats irrelevant.  The shutter life difference is there, but the D3X doesn't clean it's own sensor.  As I understand it, they both have 100% viewfinders, both have decent AF, the major difference is a possible build-quality one - and given that the D800 is still very well built, Im just not convinced either way..

In summary, is the low light performance and higher resolution of the D800 worth sacrificing to get the bullet-proof D3X - which lets face it, is still a spectacular body..

Torn.  All feedback welcome!



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