SunPak 6000PG tripod

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Re: SunPak 6000PG tripod doesn't cut it

Guidenet is a much better photographer than I am, so consider the source in what I have to say. First, I have heard for 50 years that you need to spend more on your tripod than you did on your house or else you're wasting your money. In my experience, this is just not true. There is a wonderful overview of tripods avaialble here: Anything I have to say on the subject has been said better in that blog.

If you're still reading, let me say that the only useless tripods I've ever had were those silly toys (a GorillaPod, a few-inch-high "tabletop" tripod). But I have a Samsonite (yup, /that/ Samsonite) panhead that I bought for about $10 more than 20 years ago and still use for macro work -- my macro rail is permanently mounted on it. I use a cheap (~$30) monopod I got from Opteka more than I use tripods -- it is my go-to device for low-light event shooting because it is easy to carry around and doesn't take up so much floor space that people trip over it. It doesn't even have a head on it at all. And I have a wildly expensive (~$50) Benro that has a ball head and quick release that I use as my general-purpose tripod. It wouldn't be suitable for a long and heavy tele lens, but if you are not trying to support a ten-pound lens at a weird angle, just about anything will do. Of course, I don't tend to take my tripod out into hurricanes, either. If either of those circumstances applies to you, spend a fortune. Otherwise, you'll probably not find yourself at a huge disadvantage photographically with your SunPak. Give it an honest try. Unless you are easily intimidated by the equipment snobs who spend more time talking about the brands of their equipment than they do taking photos, you should be fine.

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