Can anyone tell me the reason of darker jpegs for same settings?

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Re: Can anyone tell me the reason of darker jpegs for same settings?

Andy Westlake wrote:

muratime wrote:

I know I opened another thread for this but, this time I want to share results takes with 2 cameras under same settings, Fuji is 2 or 1.5 stop darker, why is that so?

Because you've shot in manual using the same settings, then assuming that the lighting is sufficiently consistent between the two exposures, you're simply seeing a difference in ISO calibration between the two cameras. But as others have said, it's nowhere near 1.5 stop - in fact from the relative brightness of midtones, it's probably around 1/2 stop.

We test ISO calibration in our reviews, and here's what we say about these 2 models:

"Measured ISO from the EOS 550D is within +/- 1/6 EV of indicated ISO".

"By our tests, the X-E1's measured sensitivities are about 1/3 to 1/2 stop lower than marked, which is unusual for a modern camera. This means that for any given light level, shutter speed and aperture, the X-E1 has to use a higher ISO to get an image of the same brightness as an accurately-rated camera."

This means your results are pretty much as expected.

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Andy Westlake


great explanation, this is what I asked and I got reply..


(by the way it is sad that dpreview charts are mentioning this but still putting same iso photos together for comparison, this is not fair, it is easy to overlook that additional information and you can buy something and then a BIG suprise...... anyway, now I now why

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