Can anyone tell me the reason of darker jpegs for same settings?

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Re: Can anyone tell me the reason of darker jpegs for same settings?

CAcreeks wrote:

muratime wrote:

With 2 cameras under same settings, Fuji is 2 or 1.5 stop darker, why is that so?

I think it is because the Fuji XE1 is set to DR 200% mode, which darkens highlights to create an S-like tone curve. I see this in an EXIF field, Development Dynamic Range = 200.

If this is the case, then I shall return this Fuji!!!????

Up to you. Personally I feel the Canon shot is overexposed, and the Fuji shot is much more pleasant to look at. As someone pointed out, shadows are darker in the Canon shot, so the Fuji shot is not underexposed.

Especially when shooting images with bright highlights, I think you will find that Fuji JPEG is vastly superior to Canon.


I got explanation; just to share with you...

It is simply ISO sensitivity of Fuji is not same as Nikon. For instance its iso800 matches iso400 with Canon or Nikon. This is something dpreview also mention as it is always 1/2 or 1/3 stop lower values for iso shots with x-pro1


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