Perhaps a misconception about the OMD Weatherproofing

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Re: Perhaps a misconception about the OMD Weatherproofing

ryan2007 wrote:

Not saying it is not, but this is from the Olympus website. Precaution still has to be taken by the user. It is not 100% full proof if one does not per Olympus.

It is also not clear on the Olympus site if all Micro Four Thirds lenses are inherently splash and dust proof. The only lens I saw that specifically says that is the 12-50 in the description.

I know for Panasonic its specifically one body and two of the current lenses in specific combination that work that way.

To Quote

"The E-M5 camera body has weatherproof construction. Weatherproof integrity is preserved when using Micro Four Thirds weatherproof lenses or Four Thirds weatherproof lenses (Super High Grade and High Grade lenses) when mounted using the MMF-3 Micro Four Thirds to Four Thirds Adapter.

To ensure weatherproofing the following is essential. Ensure that the Accessory Port cover below the hot shoe is in place when not being used to mount accessories. Additionally, the PBH cover on the base of the camera must be properly secured when the Power Battery Holder HLD-6 is not mounted. When the HLD-6 is mounted, ensure it is correctly aligned when mounted on the camera to preserve weatherproof integrity.

When going from extremes in temperature (for example, moving from an air conditioned environment to a hot environment or vice versa), condensation may form inside the camera. Even though the E-M5 is weatherproof, it still may contain humid air because the camera needs to "breathe" to compensate for changes in internal pressure when lenses are zoomed, particularly long focal length zoom lenses. The condensation will disappear in a few minutes when the temperature of the camera has stabilized in relation to the shooting environment."

Dust-proof & Splash-proof Construction

Trouble-free shooting in all environmentsis assured by our proven dust-proof and splash-proof technology. Multiple ring-shaped seals protect the camera from sand, dust, rain, and water spray, making it ideal for all kinds of outdoor shooting. What's more, the OM-D extends this protection to the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ lens, the bundled attachable flash unit, and the optional grip with power battery holder.

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