Probably a silly aperture question!

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Re: Probably a silly aperture question!

Tan68 wrote:

SRT201 wrote:

awaldram wrote:

The bubbled plastic on a cell phone is rubbish

Please tell me you aren't suggesting that a DSLR is better than an iPhone!

a dSLR isn't better than an iPhone. the iPhone does apps and things like that. the iPhone is always with you and you can send your pictures right to some image hosting site. you can send all of the pictures. 28 pictures of the cat sitting on the window sill. i can listen to music while the pictures upload.

The car isn't better than a bicycle. The bicycle is safer since I'm mostly off the road, is healthier because I'm getting my exercise and the fresh air. It's more comfortable even on dirt roads, and more fun because I get the feel of rolling on the ground,  the feel of the wind striking my face, and. I do all that while I meet different people and mingle with them.


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