Sony a77 and DT35 f1.8 & Weather sealing

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Re: Sony a77 and DT35 f1.8 & Weather sealing

OntarioJohn wrote:

I posted this somewhere. I have some good clean plastic bags that are big and zip up...the camera store saves those little packages of 'desiccant' and I put a dozen or so into the bag, wipe the camera and lens down with a BIG piece of that micro fibre cloth, and zip it up. After I throw out the little sacs.

Never had a problem, other than trying to make sure there are no raindrops or snowflakes on my lens.

I also have those plastic sleeves with ties that go around the lens, 3 of them in my bad weather bag. I've used them only a couple of times but you never know right?

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I use small bags of that, usually inside a plastic box but a bag would be fine. Doesn't really have to be sealed.

There's a local auto parts store that sells BIG bags of the stuff, and canisters of it with vent holes to suck the moisture in. Apparently some local company found a nice simple product that's pretty well loved by boaters (i.e. 40 foot sailboat). They have added something in it to change the color as it gets wet, I think it turns from blue to pink, and once it's turned, you just stick it in the microwave (or oven, whatever heats it up) and it dries right back out and is good to go again.

You can heat up the little one from camera packaging too to dry them out, just make sure you don't catch the bag on fire.

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