zeiss 24mm f1.8 or SEL35mm f1.8

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Re: zeiss 24mm f1.8 or SEL35mm f1.8

zoomo wrote:

Photonhunter wrote:

zoomo wrote:

windowsmaclinux wrote:

... whether the Zeiss's performance justifies its price tag.

It does.

...it does not.

Do you have it?

I borrowed it from a friend for an extended period. Didn't impress me that much. Let me elaborate: the Zeiss is the ONLY  native 35 equiv. focal length lens for Nex. It's also fast, so if that is what you need, then by all means get it, you have no choice. It's a good lens, mind me, but you are basically paying a  hefty premium for the blue badge on it's barrell. Is this lens 800$ better than the Sigma 30/2.8? I don't think so. It's just  1.3 stops faster. I believe this lens is quite overpriced, "Zony" taking advantage of the fact that you have no alternative. So, as good a lens as it is, it doesn't justify the hefty price tag.

My 2 cents. No intention of offending anybody or being a smarty-pants...


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