A few landscapes for C&C

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Bing Chow Senior Member • Posts: 1,459
Re: A few landscapes for C&C

The waterfall is the best one. I also agree that it is a bit over saturated.

The first shot with the stumps could have been interesting but the composition lacks focus. I am questioning, what's the focal point? The stumps or the trees in the back? If they are the trees, then I think putting the horizon higher and showing more of the stumps could have potential. Or maybe go wide and show off the sheer number of stumps to show repetition could be nice.

The second: this one is a grabshot. Sorry. The lighting is too harsh. Shooting in trees is hard. If the light is nice, it is often too dark on the forest floor.

Moss: the interesting feature is the moss around the hole in the tree. Maybe a tighter focus on that?

Stairs: 2nd best of the bunch. The low angle is perfect. It takes the viewers eyes from the bottom and asks them to follow it up.

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