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Re: Advise for neck strap

AltLens wrote:

I don't use a neckstrap for several reasons:

1. A thief can still grab your camera at a full run and, trust me, it WILL go along with them.

2. You look like a tourist.

3. If you set it down someone could accidently catch the strap and pull your camera to the ground. I've seen it happen.


What I did is purchase a premade web strap from Lowe's. It's about 10" long with heavy duty Velcro clsure. It's in the tool section and it says "Husky" on it. It is called a tool holder. It has a 'D' ring on it. Then I screw a 1/4"-20 eye screw in to my tripod mount on the bottom of the camera, attach the 'D' ring on the strap, then put my hand through the strap so it's around my wrist. There is NO WAY someone can grab & run with my camera without dragging me with it. They may dislocate my shoulder, but they won't get my camera.

I love it because when I raise the camera to my eye the strap sort of hangs out of my way and does not interfere in any way. It's like going strapless. And I can literally let it hang from my wrist if I need to.

If I had it here I would upload a picture.

W O W !

I think I'd rather someone get my camera than dislocate my shoulder.  LOL.

Thanks for answering though.  I'm sure my husband could do this for me and will understand exactly what you've done.  I'll ask him when he gets home.  To me it sounds like you carry it around your wrist rather than neck / shoulder.  Is this right?

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