Disappointed with K-30.

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Re: and there is the problem...

mike703 wrote:

Clearly we have different opinions on this... but if you think the difference between Pentax's advertising ('this can handle anything mother nature can throw at it...' including buckets of water thrown over it) and the reality (take your camera to a water park with your kids = ruined camera) is OK, then remind me never to buy anything from you on ebay


No, my opinion is that some people have the tendency to interpret videos to mean things the video doesn't show, even when the person with the problem does things the users manual says not to.  I also believe many people love to blame any problem on someone else, rather than to even consider the possibility that their own actions may have contributed.

Also, not every customer is a desirable customer.  I much prefer that some are customers of my competition.  I hope we can make that happen.


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