Will X-E1 get focus peaking?

Started Jan 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
Austin101 Senior Member • Posts: 1,410
Re: Will X-E1 get focus peaking?

maybee wrote:

maybe next firmware will update the X-E1 and X-pro1 with focus peaking.

Or Fuji use the phase detection pixels to manage this function. In that case, focus peaking will not happening on X-E1, which is sad.

Please, anyone in Las Vegas pop the question to Fuji. I guess lots of old users want to know the answer.

Yes but there calling it "focus Peak-a-boo" on the X-pro1 and X-E1, just take your camera in to your local dealer and ask them to enable the "Peak-a-boo" feature, tell'em I sent you and they'll do it for free.

Just make sure to keep eye contact with the manager and wear your biggest smile.

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