What is your most desired firmware improvement for the E-M5?

Started Jan 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Most of these suggestions could be done by apps

The firmware needs to be broken up into an SDK layer and an app layer, similar to mobile operating systems.  The SDK layer provides core features (autofocus, metering, etc.) and access to input (dials, buttons, screen, etc.) and output (screen, shutter, aperture, etc.).  The app layer does the rest and can be customized and extended by third-party apps.  The menus and UI move into the app layer.

The first benefit is that the world doesn't need to wait for Olympus to provide some UI feature.  But the more important benefit is that cameras like the E-M5 have become so capable and flexible, covering so many different use cases for different kinds of users, that no single set of UI choices can possibly be optimized for everyone.  The responses on this thread demonstrate that.  Read the dpreview page on how to use the E-M5 for movies; it's incredibly confusing, and some of the button choices for movies compromise the settings for stills shooting.  It cries out for a dedicated movie app.

I've read several "what's missing from the firmware" threads, and most of the responses can be handled quite nicely by apps that can be cherry picked by the users who want/need those features.

Sony has moved to a OS/app architecture with their latest NEX models, but unfortunately doesn't provide an SDK for outside developers, as far as I know.  That will severely limit its potential.

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