Wild Life Lens Question.

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Re: Wild Life Lens Question.

I did for awhile and then I got a Nikon body to devote solely to the Nikon lens. But I also use a bunch of Contax Zeiss and Leica R lenses on the EOS bodies also.  And with the recent pickup of a Canon 7D for video work I know I will be putting that Nikon lens back on the 7D to shoot wildlife video.

You know another option you might consider is what I used for a few years.  It's a bit of an odd lens and it may take time finding one but it is really quite sharp, light and easy to use once you get used  to it.  It is a Leica 560/6.8 lens.

Here's a picture to show the size as compared to my Canon 400/5.6:

You slide the barrel in and out pressing that button you see on the side.  It also came stock with a shoulder stock.  It is a very simple lens design so really is very light despite the long size.  I used it handheld quite often and really regret selling it.

Here are some samples of images shot with it.

RAW unprocessed shot from the lens at full size with no pping:

Same as above put processed:

And this final image is from the lens combined with a Canon 1.4x t-con and then heavily cropped:

And now for the good part, if you can find one it should be well under $1000.  So, like I said before thinking outside the box if your budget is limited can still yield you some usable options.

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