Upgrading from CS2 to CS6 and question on printing to my R1800

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Re: Upgrading from CS2 to CS6 and question on printing to my R1800

jamesdak wrote:

Alright long time between upgrades, I know, LOL!!

So I have a new computer going now with CS6 running. I have set up my Epson R1800 printer software to match the way it was

I also have pretty much set up CS6 the same as I had for the other computer short of the stuff related to the calibrated monitor. Still need to do this once I get a new colorimeter.

But when I go to print in CS6 I get it asking a few things it didn't ask in CS2 and I won't to make sure I am doing this right.

CS6 has the Color Management area in the Photoshop Print Setting Window. Right now I have set color handling to = Photoshop manages colors. Then I changed the printer profile from Stylus Photo R1800 to SPR1800 Premium Luster since I am printing to luster paper. Is this correct?

On the R1800 I have color management set to ICM with No Color Adjustment turned off. But I have the premium luster paper selected also so am I double profiling on the paper?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I can run tests shots using known accurate saved files but I don't to waste a lot of resources getting it set back up correctly. Thanks!

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As long as you have the PS CS6 printer dialog set to PS Manages Color and you have the correct paper profile chosen ( Paper ICC profile and Paper type choice in the driver are two different things ) and the Driver set to OFF / Non color management, your choossing the paper type as Luster withing the driver has ZERO to do with a profile and you are not double profiling. You are simply telling the printer that you are using a particular type of Epson paper so it knows how much ink to lay down and how thick the paper is ect.

You would be double profiling if you for instance told PS to manage color, chose a profile for your paper and then ALSO told the driver to say print using Vivid! That's double profiling.

You should be just fine.

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