Capture One vs. Lightroom

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I wonder how long it will be before one of the giants acquires little Picture Code, either to quash them or to appropriate their technology.


As long as it isn't Phase One, DXO Labs, Corel, Apple, Microsoft or Adobe that take them over I'm good with whatever happens to them:-)

Google would be worse. They are radically everything cloud. They did buy Nik Software and made snapseed free, BUT there is no way to save the app to a sd card in order to save ram, in googles mindset there is no sd card or other form of drive on the hardware and the content MUST be hosted in the cloud.

In regards to the best raw editor my vote goes to C1 v7. Images usually pop with one click, but it has a lot of fine adjustments. The image professor's blog is a very good source for C1's countless screws.

Yes, Google scares me in many ways.  They have too much information about all of us for my comfort.  The potential for them to acquire and ruin good software manufacturers is a threat of a lower magnitude.

Regarding Capture One, I have been a big time user for the past several years.  It certainly beats ACR/LR in terms of IQ, but in my testing, it cannot match Photo Ninja.  The only program that I have found that produces raw conversions that are close to PN's is RPP, but it is feature-starved, and I no longer feel any need to use it.


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