Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

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Re: Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

Go read my posts again please, I explicitly said PDAF (and many of the other features listed) wasn't attractive to me, that said, I'm not such a self centered person that I cannot see other people's necessities too. I don't do sports or wildlife, nor do I care for HDR or some of the gimmicks I listed, but other people do (many actually), If this wasn't true then companies simply wouldn't waste their money implementing such features in their cameras, they invested in R&D because there's a demand for such features.

This thread is not about the lack of PDAF, it about the lack of a solid marketing strategy, M4/3 needs a feature list equal or better than Sony or Fuji, because at the end of the day, when salesman or online reviewers make their case for a cameras, what most people pay attention to is the features, not the photographic merits of a camera, but the features. Cameras are no longer viewed solely as photographic tools but as gadgets too (uggh I know). Also, there are things that are here already but are badly implemented, BKT is one example (as mentioned by other members, you have to hold the button while every other manufacturer allows for 1-button press a voila! BKT  done), manual focusing is another one. I'm impartial towards Focus Peaking, I really couldn't care less if they do it or not BUT they should at least improve the existing magnification zoom and do something like a Picture-in-picture MF assist (like canon and many others).

Harold66 wrote:


I have to say with each of your post in this thread , you seem to dismiss your own thread

I have invested in the 4/3 system a few years back and still have some bodies and lenses. Initially , I would have like to make use of my 4/3 lenses on the new m4/4 rd system but considering how small the m4/3rds bodies are and HOW fast the contrast AF is on the OMD, I realize this is not really needed

except for a few lenses ( like the 25mm pancake) the 4/3 rds lenses look out of place on a m 4/3rd body and defeat the purpose of having lighter and smaller outfit

I don t know what kind of ipictures you make but I have to admit I NEVER had the need for continuous AF. Regardless of the brand and type of camera ( dslr versus non dslr) it always seemed to me to best the best way to get out-of-focus pictures

the contrast AF technology in SAF is said to be much mmore accurate than phase AF. with my hybrid cameras , again regardless of the brand , I have had waaaayyyyy less out of focus pictures than before

I think your post was somewhat disingenuous. In the opening thread , you made it sound like the lack of phase PDAF was a BIG deal for most people and that olympus was clearly lagging behind by not having this feature. After that, you tried to rationalize your thoughts but it does not seem to make sense to lot of people except you

No camera system is perfect and I can think of several things that I would like to be different in the olympus systems BUT i have no interest in any of the missing things that you mention

As for me , the fact that olympus has a weathersealed body with almost no weather -sealed lenses is a more important factor , or that continue to impose the choice of black OR silver finishes on their lenses, or that they do not include the hoods , or that they do not offer a DNG raw option...

By reading reviews here and there , I have to assume I am not the only one feeling that way..


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