Somebody please explain! Why X-E1 JPEGS are darker?

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Re: Somebody please explain! Why X-E1 JPEGS are darker?

muratime wrote:

nixda wrote:

muratime wrote:

I don't agree with you, what you show from DXOmark is not about this subject.

If you are right, WHY DPREVIEW is comparing same iso value outputs for different brands? and making judgement like this is good ISO performance etc.

Also if what you say is corect, it is non-sense for Fuji to be proud of their low light high iso performance..

I hope somebody give me some explanation by acknowledging some basic standards..

I see you have started another thread on the same topic. Confusing. Anyway, I just responded in your other thread about the ISO issues and see that it's been covered here pretty well.

If you are confused about ISO and how different companies handle it, then 1. you are not alone, and 2. you are somewhat naive. That's not meant as an attack, just pointing out that there is a discrepancy between what a reasonable person would expect, and what the situation really is, no matter how unjust or irrational

Dear nixda,

Indeed you are right, I was naive

dengx explained me now perfectly. I feel not good :)))

then how come these charts are there.. i am really disappointed!

With 'charts' I assume you are referring to the DPReview charts. These charts, as far as I know, utilize the manufacturer-stated ISO numbers. There are some testers that do their own ISO calibrations, using RAW images, then present charts with adjusted ISO numbers to allow better comparisons between camera models. I don't think DPReview does that. It requires quite extensive testing. DxO is champion here, but we all know they won't test the X-Trans sensors, so it will have to remain a bit anecdotal until they or someone else steps up to the plate.

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