What do the camera companies need to do to reverse fortunes?

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Re: What do the camera companies need to do to reverse fortunes?

I suspect camera companies who acted on threads posted on this and similar sites would soon go under.  Sure they need to adapt to changing market conditions, adapt to mobile phones with good quality point and shoot cameras built in and I am sure the astute companies do.  Some might diversify and move away from photography, others might focus on different areas of the photography market.  Sadly some will go bust.  The ones that go bust won't be the ones that that ignore the opinions of a few of us here, it will the the ones that ignore good quality market research, who don't invest R & D.  A company that knows when to buck the trend, ride out a fashion fad or ignores a gimmicky product by a competitor but responds to a genuine positive development bv a competitor.   Most of the camera manufacturers around today are doing that, not all though.

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