OMD vs GH3

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Re: OMD vs GH3

Both are excellent cameras capable of producing gorgeous images.

However from my point of view, Panasonic is missing the point of m4/3.  As a platform, the smaller sensor and mirrorless design affords much smaller/lighter bodies.

I side-graded from my Canon DSLR to an OM-D last fall expressly to reduce the overall size/weight of my kit so that I would be more inclined and likely to have my camera with me.  And from reading around, I know I'm far from the only person who migrated from DSLR land to m4/3 for this reason.  While I'm certain the GH3 is an extremely excellent and capable camera, it is just too big for me.

If I wanted a camera of that size, I'd have stuck with my Canon which is only nominally larger but has a much more mature and extensive ecosystem surrounding it.  In addition, both the Canon 7D and Nikon D7000 are cheaper than the GH3.,154,154

I'm sure there are folks who can explain the advantages of a GH3 over an APS-C DSLR, and I'm sure they quickly will.  Video maybe?  The lenses are still quite a bit smaller too.

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