Owning both FF DSLR and Mirrorless - the future?

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Re: Owning both FF DSLR and Mirrorless - the future?

This exactly the situation I'm in.  I shoot a 5d and bought an NX-200 last spring.

My son is a thrower at a Division I school (shot put, discus, weight and javelin).  I shoot all the throwers at meets and give the coaches/athletes access to them for help with technique, etc.

Lugging the 5d around, with 70-200 2.8L  and 400L glass was a weighty experience for an old, out of shape guy.

So, the NX-200 with 50-200.  I really appreciated the lighter weight, and the higher fps count of the Samsung.

My biggest complaint - the lack of continuous focusing at high fps speed, and the inability to see what's going on since the lcd goes dark when it starts ripping off images.

I'm kinda back to spray and pray shooting.

Shot, weight and discus aren't so bad since they're basically stationary in a ring (just rotation by the body and maybe 4 feet of forward progress).  I can even use a tripod with good success. However, javelin will be a real challenge since it involves running before letting the jav fly.

I have a few months before they move outside (winter track & field meets are indoor, and they do the weight and shot put only) for javelin, shot and discus. I'm afraid I'll be back to lugging the 5d around instead.

We had considered an HD camcorder, but the kids and coaches prefer still images, as do I.

Maybe I missed the boat and should have bought the NX20 instead.

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