Trinity vs. Primes? What would you do?

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Re: Trinity vs. Primes? What would you do?

Ferguson wrote:

To me it's the trinity (actually quadrinity as I consider the 200-400 the natural progression), then I filled in primes for specific purposes, i.e.

85/1.4G for shallow DOF and mid-tele that is very fast.

200/F2 for indoor sports to get that extra stop (and also a 280mm with 1.4x that's still F2.8).

50/1.8 (on order) for fast normal use (under the basket in hoops).

10.5 fisheye for fun

Your needs will drive which if any primes, but the "quadrinity" is really a great set, all focus fast, shoot well wide open (the 14-24 is astoundingly good there).

Of these the primary disappointment is the 24-70 for lack of VR. Yes, I know all the arguments, but it needs VR in my mind, however I wouldn't trade it for (for example) the 24-120 or other VR alternative as they lack the sharpness and contrast of the 24-70, which is just excellent.

I'd recommend anyone can start there, and add primes as needed.

Some call the trinity the 3 kings, I prefer to call the 4 lenses "The 4 aces"

My choice would be the 14-24 From reviews and users opinions its better than any other 14mm lens plus its good to 24mm, read anothermike's comparison of this lens at 21mm with the Zeiss, the Sigma 35mm 1.4 is getting better press than both Nikon and Canon versions. choose from either the F2.8 or F4 70-200 depending on your use , indoor sports or not. Fill in the blanks when you find a use for them.

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