G1X or G15?

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Re: Portability is a Relative Concept

GeraldW wrote:

As has often been said in this forum, the best camera is the one you have with you. For myself, I'm much more likely to have the G15 with me, than I would the G1X. And so the decision was made and I ordered the G15.

I do have smaller cameras (S90 and ZS15); but the G15 is better and light enough and compact enough that I still use it frequently. Much more frequently than the G11 it replaced. I liked the G11; but apparently, there was some kind of threshhold for tolerable weight, size, and handling that the G11 crossed; and the G15 doesn't. As you said, very much a relative concept; but I think there's something more going on here.

There is also the user's tolerance for image quality. Not everyone has the same reference point for "good enough". I've been serious about my photography since the mid-50's; and for a long time, relied on an SLR to get shots that I thought were good enough. Today, the better fixed lens cameras are good enough for me. But for the more demanding sort, carrying a larger and much heavier camera may be needed to get to his "good enough". A price to be paid for the quality. It isn't only about size and weight.

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Very well said! I will remark that the camera with the biggest sensor not always is the best camera for some people. It just gives bigger pictures, but for a common format (A4 paper or 24 inch screen) a smaller sensor is still enough.

The G15 is a beauty and it fits in my shirt-pocket!

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