Canon SX50 HS HQ burst mode

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Canon SX50 HS HQ burst mode

Hi Folks,

If you are considering the SX50 for sports, maybe your kids or grandkids Little League or soccer games, there are some things you should consider.

The Sports Mode has already been depicted in another thread as "horrible". A rebuttal thread was started that claimed it was a very useful mode and that it autofocused between shots. During my several trials, the camera did not focus between shots, sometimes not even on the first shot. Canon claims Sports Mode bumps up the shutter speed to stop the action. I didn't find that to be the case. There is no control over the settings that I could find.

This post is about the HS HQ 13fps 10 shot burst feature, found in SCN. I cannot figure any possible use for this feature. The screen and EVF go black when you press the shutter button. You have no control over the cameras choice for speed aperture etc, at least that I can find. I tried it again today, several times. I wondered why my dog, walking slowly in the yard, was blurry on every shot. I then noted that the camera had chosen 1/15th of a second for exposure. The pictures, taken so fast, were identical, and all bad.

I have an old Panasonic FZ28 here and decided to try the HS burst. It's at reduced mps but got the shots. The subject was visible during the bursts.

I also tried the HS HQ burst on my Canon G15. It also blanks out the LCD with the press of the shutter. However, it has an OVF and you can see your subject during the burst.

I don't think Canon was totally forthcoming in their descriptions of their HS HQ burst mode.

The SX50 zoom is amazing and, in good light, quite sharp at all focal lengths. The videos are very good. It's a fine camera, but there are some features advertised that fall short of the claims for them.


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