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jim stirling wrote:

I personally wouldn't consider the heavier though excellent SHG lenses for use on a mFT body ( pro designation or not)

I would add "currently existing" to "mFT body" to stay correct.

Small size is a possible, not a mandatory feature of a mFT body. It has so far been a matter of choice for mFT body manufacturers, but one has to admit that they were not exactly flooding the market with pro mft bodies neither.

The GH-3 is a good example of a step in the right direction.

Absolutely nothing prevents any of the two manufacturers from releasing an mft body the size of a D4 - small size is not a mandatory requirement.

While I doubt Olympus would release a pro mft body the size of an E-5 or D4, I can see them digging in their pre - 4/3 heritage.

A company who was not afraid to release the TCON-300s extension back in the E-10/E-20 times (said TCON being quite a monster, but a pretty nice one) wouldn't be afraid of releasing something really ergonomic as far as grips go. I am still dreaming about a modular camera from them.

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