DVD rippers - DVD Fab 9 unresponsive on W8. Alternatives?

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Handbrake should be able to do that for you. It's free.


Here's a tutorial on using it:


Note that for commercial DVDs you may need libdvdcss-2.dll from VLC (renamed to libdvdcss.dll and copied to the handbrake installation folder), and that library may not be legal in some regions.

You'll see a section discussing the legality of libdvdcss on this page:


If it's legal in your area (and I'm no lawyer, so don't ask me), you can actually get it from videolan without downloading VLC. Here's a page about it getting the .dll separately. It's assuming you downloaded the 64 bit Version of Handbrake for Windows (as you'll need a 64 bit .dll for 64 bit handbrake).


But, I'd probably use VLC for media playback anyway (but, note that the 64 bit version of VLC for Windows is considered to be experimental, so you may want to install the 32 bit version of it -- just getting the 64 bit .dll needed by 64 bit handbrake separately).

Get VLC here:


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