What are you jpg settings?

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Re: What are you jpg settings?

In the settings menu: ISO 400. Image size - L 3:2. Image quality: F+RAW. Dynamic Range - 200. Film simulation: standard. ND filter - off. WB shift - none yet, but sky is usually too cyan and I'm going to play with this. Color: mid. Highlite tone - M soft. Shadow tone: M soft. Noise reduction: M-low. AF mode - area. Flash: -1/3.

In the SET menu I have the OVF power save off and the Quick start ON. The Fn button is set to ISO. I mostly keep the ISO auto control on, but it depends what I'm shooting. I have the max sensitivity set to 3200 and minimum shutter speed set to 1/125. (When I'm not using auto ISO I am obviously using different shutter speeds.). I have the AF Illuminator off as I mostly use the camera for street shooting. AE/AF Lock I set to S for the mode. The AFL/AEL button I have set to AF-L so I can use it to focus in manual focus mode. I have Long Exposure NR set to ON. Corrected AF frame: ON



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