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What I've experienced with big glass on small body

I've been using my newly acquired ZD 35-100 quite a bit on both OM-D and E3.

And, to tell the truth, my gripped OM-D is really no worse as regards handling, than my ungripped E3, with that big lens attached. Both are a bit clumsy, but manageable. A smaller SHG like the 7-14... no problem. It's a bit nose heavy, but handles well, like putting the 7-14 on an E620.

I tend to think that handling with the very large lenses could be improved with just a larger grip, maybe a stouter neck strap and mounts - I don't hang OMD+SHG ZD from that dinky little strap. If it were to break... that's a pricey and beloved lens that will be hitting the ground.

I might be a bit less enthusiastic about SHG on OMD if I had an E5, but with the huge gap in IQ and PP headroom between the E3 and OM-D, plus the better AF accuracy, the E3 just isn't getting a lot of use lately.

35-100 on OMD... works pretty good.

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