Trinity vs. Primes? What would you do?

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Re: Trinity vs. Primes? What would you do?

To me it's the trinity (actually quadrinity as I consider the 200-400 the natural progression), then I filled in primes for specific purposes, i.e.

85/1.4G for shallow DOF and mid-tele that is very fast.

200/F2 for indoor sports to get that extra stop (and also a 280mm with 1.4x that's still F2.8).

50/1.8 (on order) for fast normal use (under the basket in hoops).

10.5 fisheye for fun

Your needs will drive which if any primes, but the "quadrinity" is really a great set, all focus fast, shoot well wide open (the 14-24 is astoundingly good there).

Of these the primary disappointment is the 24-70 for lack of VR.   Yes, I know all the arguments, but it needs VR in my mind, however I wouldn't trade it for (for example) the 24-120 or other VR alternative as they lack the sharpness and contrast of the 24-70, which is just excellent.

I'd recommend anyone can start there, and add primes as needed.

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