Wild Life Lens Question.

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Re: Wild Life Lens Question.

jamesdak wrote:

You know I have to chime in with the others. I'd say the 400/5.6 is the best choice from the options you listed. But as someone who has shot a lot of wildlife over the years I can say you will find it quite limiting.

You can offset some of the reach problems by improving your fieldcraft, your ability to get close to the subject without stressing or spooking it. But reach really is king here.

Have you thought about used? That would cut your cost considerably. I have bought a ton of stuff from KEH.com and would never hesitate to use them.

For that matter good long lens technique can come into play also. Like you I could not afford a new 500 or 600 mm lens and went looking of options.

I wound up with a used Nikon 800/5.6 for $3000 from KEH. And you know what? It may be a 12 lb beast but it does quite well. It may be manual focus but it does quite well.

I guess all I am suggesting is thinking outside of the box and seeing what options exist for you out there. I do have a Canon 400/5.6 L and love it. It sees lots of use by me but in most situation having a lens with longer focal length gives me superior images over anything I can shoot with the 400/5.6.

I should mention that my longest wildlife lens for around 20 years was a 400/5.6. Getting something longer has taken my photography to a whole new level.

With the 400/5.6:

With the 800/5.6:

The 400mm shot is cropped while the 800 is full frame. Guess which one makes a better large print.

A couple of shots with the old manual focus 800/5.6. Not BIF but just to illustrate that old, cheap used glass can give superior shots:

And can even catch those far off BIF shots with good technique:

Not to mention how a longer lens can also keep you at a much safer distance from your subject, LOL:

Right now under $7000 will land you a good used 600/4 and under $4000 will get you a 500/4.5

If you think you can deal with manual focus an adapter Nikon 500/4 can easily be had for under $2500.

So they are "economical" options out there is you can think and work outside of what most consider the norm.

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Great shots, so you are using a nikon lens on a canon body right? ya I see that the longer focal length would be the best way to go I guess but we'll see, I will look into KEH but having something shipped that expensive to Greece will give me a good custom charge, thanks;)

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