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That does look like the logical path to follow

Make the OMD body a bit larger, or keep it the same size and add a larger grip with larger buttons, fix the ZD AF issue... instant dual purpose system: tiny with fast primes when you want portability, or larger with the killer ZD zooms when you want flexibility.

Let's not forget, the dynamic duo of 12-60 and 50-200 are quite small, when compared to what other DSLR's need to cover that same range with that level of IQ, especially now that the sensor penalty has been addressed.

Given the fact that - as that writer says - the OMD has shaken up the industry, it doesn't make sense from a sales or marketing perspective for Olympus to do anything other than build on the OM-D's success.

Personally, I'd love to have seen the E5 retooled with the new sensor. But, the harsh reality is: the giants Canon and Nikon are getting out of the high end APS DSLR market: the 7D and D7000 are being replaced with the FF 6D and D600. If they're throwing in the towel, I don't see any less than FF DSLR from anyone selling well.

I'm just glad Oly is building a body with a hot sensor that will AF my ZD's fast. The result isn't perfect, but it's better than total obsolescence. Those lenses are too good to become obsolete.

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