X100s = $1,299. What will X100 price now be?

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Re: X100s = $1,299. What will X100 price now be?

hexxthalion wrote:

actually, more like £959 which should result in £999 which was RRP in the UK at launch of X100, which was the same $1299 as is X100S.

1,450.00 USD = 905.649 GBP (Source XE Currency Exchange - was £898 or so earlier in the day)

I asked WEX yesterday via chat if the £1099 is the final or estimated price, they replied that the price is to be confirmed yet.

I thought that's what I'd already said ... hence their BIG BOLD 'get-out' clause ... yes???

So far, all X Fuji cameras have their cost in the UK reflected US price x exchange rate + VAT and rounded (X100, X-Pro1, X-E1). I believe that the final UK price will be £999 and month later £899 (that's what I paid for my X100 when it became available in the UK and that was high street shop price, no discount)

By the time the X100 had filtered down to actual retail outlets it had been on release for months - I know, as my attempts to score one from high-street retailers at the time drew blanks, or 'long supply line' responses. The original debuted at £1000 (officially) but many smaller retailers, particularly via pre-orders, had much higher prices to control demand.

In the US, buyers were equally flabbergasted at the UK price 'hike' ...

I've just looked at some archived Amateur Photographer ads from the period - even three months or so after release, some retailers were 'discounting' to £899 - whilst others claimed 'call/see web price' - rarely was it offered at a discount ... or available. I resorted to buying an ex-demo via Ebay in the end, such was the scarcity in retail stores.

Expect much the same scenario, unless Fuji has stockpiled millions for world-wide distribution ...

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