Portrait with D5100-What do you think?

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Re: Portrait with D5100-What do you think?

As someone else said here, I would direct some more light to the eyes of the subject. To do this without a flash, try having the subject hold a white piece of paper, cardboard, or other material with reflective properties just above the hip. Check for an angle that will give you the desired effect. Pay close attention to catchlights (those highlights that appear on the eyes when they have some sort of light reflecting upon them).

If you have an "assistant" or just someone else willing to help, try using a reflector or again a white sheet of some reflective material (you could also use one of those silver windshield covers for a more powerful effect) to direct more light to the subjects face.

You can also use your camera flash, but you'll need something to diffuse the light. Once upon a time I used a 35mm film white canister that I cut for this particular purpose. Look for DIY in-camera flash diffusers on Google to see what I mean.

Last but not least, when I want to direct the attention of the viewer to the subject but there's a bg competing for attention, I use a filter called "darken/ lightning center" in Nik software's Color Efex Pro 4, but you can achieve something like this in PS http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-effects/darken-photo-edges/

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